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Pleasure to meet you.
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Ossu! I’m Nishinoya Yuu, Karasuno’s Libero and Guardian Deity rolled into one! My blog is up and my askbox is open, so let’s get this blog rolling!

((Ahhh, well, as I’ve said before, I’ve jumped to the Haikyuu!! fandom and I just made this ask!blog don’t know why I did, I’m terrible at keeping ask!blogs alive aha ;;;;

But yeah, I’ll be over on this ask!blog for a bit, so if anyone needs to ask me anything, head over there or to my personal blog Yenpon! Thanks for still staying with this Hetalia Ask!blog, guys! And hopefully I’ll come back one day with lots of inspiration ;; v ;;))

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It has been a while everyone. Unfortunately, Admin Yen is still taking hiatus from Hetalia, but I felt the need to welcome all the new followers to this blog of mine. Thank you for 1,400+ followers and thank you for taking an interest in this blog.

That’s about all I have to type since words fail me in properly expressing my gratitude and appreciation of you wonderful people. I hope you’re having a lovely day/night where you are. Until next time.

Important Notice

//Okay, so I’ve decided that I can’t keep this blog going any longer because I’ve shriveled from this fandom and I’ve lost motivation to keep going. I won’t delete this ask!blog, but I will close the ask and submission box. I’m hoping to come back to this ask!blog at some point but right now it’s an indefinite hiatus. (Do I call it that? Everyone seems to call it that, I don’t know—-)

Until I feel the inspiration for this fandom again, I’m off to the Haikyuu!! and One Piece fandom because I’ve been sucked into them aha.

See you around, everyone! Stay well and hope you’re having a good day!

-Yen Hen

//I noticed people talking about FIFA lately and let me remind you guys about something:

Please don’t be a complete ass about it. I don’t care whether or not you’re just messing around, but completely insulting a country because of a simple game is a dick move, and sending over the top messages about it, rubbing into some ask!blogs faces that they lost to the point that it’s become aggressive, and being completely rude as hell over it is bratty.

Remember that there will be people from those countries you’re insulting who will see your harsh and stupid comments and that it will upset them to see such things said about their country.

Once again, don’t be an ass, be mindful of your comments, thank you.

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//After several weeks of being a nervous wreck with real life issues, this was the best thing to read.

I don’t even know why you like me so much either maybe I just have the charm of an awkward yet adorable baby chick but I’m happy I haven’t disappointed you and that you still continue to message me and honestly, I’m beyond thankful that you and Hayato and everyone else still give me such kind words even when I severely lack in replies for weeks on end.

Thank you so much for being you and for being so wonderful, Xanthe. I’m truly grateful we got to become friends, and I really, really can’t express how much your words here mean to me, and now I can’t stop crying so I’m just going to end this long message now before I start babbling incoherently.