((I’ve hit a really bad emotional breakdown and I’m so tired of everything right now. I know I haven’t updated much but I just wanted to inform you guys that I’ll be taking a hiatus to try and settle everything going on with my life.

Hope you guys are having a good day, see you when I come back.


A How To Ask!Blog Guide
Guess who made a ‘How To Ask!Blog’ post? That’s right, Yen Hen here. I’m pretty sure there’s more then ten things to make note of, but as of right now these are all I could think of. This will be updated of course.

But anyway, let’s get this guide moving, hella.

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//no that right now was Slyth :v gomen Yen— forgot to put a leash on him //MAULED

//OH. I got confused ‘cause you put two of these ‘/’ and I thought it was from you ;;;;

But hissing Slytherin!Alfred makes me cry hahaha

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’ve been rather bored as of late in the underworld so I thought while Gupta is taking his vacation I’ll answer some questions to appease my boredom~

Now, let’s have a fun time getting to know each other, shall we~?