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HAPPY STREAM cause we need a break from everything else ewe →


Negativity is not permitted, don’t make me flip a table. ON A SIDE NOTE idk what I’m doing, guess I’ll take requests? ovo

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//Alriiiiight, let me go a different route and lay down the general rules that we go by well, they’re not really rules, but they’re basic things we should be reminded of. I think. Sort of. Well. I think. I don’t know. But they’re something.

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//Ahhh, that’s super sweet of you anon. Thank you for understanding, and thank you for taking the time to message me this. I’m glad you love this blog and the way I portray Egypt! And don’t worry, I won’t listen to those anons, but I sure as hell will set them straight when they cross the line with me.

Now, to you, sweetie anon, and everyone else,

Care for a spot of tea? did that attempt at humour make anyone laugh? Cause I always have lame hen jokes to back me up—-

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//To the anons who badger people to update properly

General slogan most muns who run an Ask!blog use the asshole and middle finger salute part is probably more me then anyone else. Whoops. You’re not running our blogs. We’re like you, we’ve got shit to do outside of tumblr. Sure, ask us when are we gonna update because it means you like our blog enough to see more, but don’t be a dick about it and borderline harass any of us about it.