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//Aha, I realised I never drew a thank you picture for 1000+ followers. Welp. I didn’t know what to draw for it so I just did a sketchy thingy-ma-bob of 1P and 2P Egypt. Sorry for poor quality art, but it’s all I could do at the moment ^ q ^

Thanks for 1160+ followers, everyone! 

Happy Birthday to all the Arthurs and Alices and all the personifications of England.

I would wish you all a happy birthday individually except there are too many of you. You’re like rabbit spawns. If one looks away for even a moment, an England pops up from nowhere. Before you know it, the British Empire will be invading again, hahaha.

Once again, happy birthday to all you Englands.

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As thanks for you lovely people following me, I’m going to do a “400+ Followers” giveaway! Yay!~


  • 1st Place: A single colored full body portrait w/ (optional) simple background.
  • 2nd Place: A single colored bust w/ (optional) simple background
  • 3rd Place: A single colored chibi w/ (optional) simple background.


  • 1 Like and 1 Reblog per person only. Any reblogs after one will not count.
  • You MUST be following me since, well, this is for my followers<3
  • Your inbox MUST be open by the time the giveaway ends. I will need to contact you, after all!
  • The winners will be picked on 6 May, 2014. This gives you two weeks from now! Once chosen, I will message you. If you don’t get back to me within Two (2) Days, I will draw again for your spot. The only exception would be if I see on your blog that you’ll be away for the weekend or what-have-you. If you’re on a long hiatus, though, (like two weeks or whatever) I will draw again. I want to try to be fair to everyone since I understand that people have lives.
  • I might take a while on the prizes (since I can be slow), so I apologize in advance X’D
  • If you aren’t quite sure where your request falls, feel free to ask me about it. I’ll try my best to be flexible with your request. Don’t worry about it :)
  • The requests can be of any character you want, whether it’s a canon character from a show/book/movie/what-have-you or your own OC or even a celebrity. Whoever you want, really :)


  • NSFW (some skin is okay, but no full exposure or sex, okay? Keep it PG-16, at least)
  • Mechas (some mechanics are okay, but no full robots, please—)
  • Wow, that’s it. X’D

I hope that all made sense. Haha. Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favor— *SHOT*

Remember, the giveaway ENDS on 6 May, 2014. Don’t forget!~

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  • you must be following this blog this is a giveaway for my followers so naturally, only my followers will get prizes. you can follow me after I make this post but following me only to win shit is kind of shit move :/
  • There will be ONLY 1 winner!!
  • 1 like, 1 reblog!! Disqualified if you use more then one blog! I will know!
  • You must be confident enough to send me your Address with full name and country, so the prize can be shipped to you. ((I will not exploit you))


Winner gets the following:

A box full of Danish/Scandinavian goodies! Not only candy and sweets but also a special surprise specially chosen by me to the winner. (it means it will various on the blog/bloggers theme)

  • you must reply within 24 hours of me sending you a message or i’ll pick a new winner 

Giveaway will end MAY 1ST!
May the odds be ever in your favor

Winner will be notified but not posted on blog, I will inform when the giveaway is over and that is that.

Notice: ask blogs with “Ask-xxxx” in their names are allowed to just like the post as it will count as a reblog to, too prevent them spamming their followers if they so please

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((Remember that Art Giveaway I promised, well here it is! Time to celebrate hitting 1K followers!


  • It’s a followers’ giveaway, so you must be following me. Also if you follow me just because of the giveaway, then I’ll write your name down so you will not be counted.
  • Likes Count
  • You may reblog no more than 3 times.
  • I won’t draw Furries or Mecha, and it depends on NSFW
  • If I do not receive a reply within 48 hours from the winner, I will pick someone else


  1. Full body/colour of any drawing or character, I will tell you my limits though. 
  2. Full body drawing of a character in one-three colors.
  3. Full body lineart of any character or drawing.

Giveaway Ends: 

May 1st

So good luck to you guys!))