I think the nation will regenerate inside the cannibal’s stomach and tear that eater’s body apart from there to come out alive like mutherfricking butterfly heck yea))

((I shouldn’t find this so funny but the fact you typed ‘come out alive like mutherfricking butterfly’ made me laugh so hard and I actually imagined it but the Nation came out doing one of those battle cries omf—-))

Anonymous whispered:
Alright- Have a question.... So they say that Nations are immortal, right? And that if they get wounded or whatever they usually regenerate, right? BUT- What if they were to be eaten by cannibal? Would that make the eater the new personification? Would the cannibal have to birth the nation once more (No matter what gender)? WOULD THE PERSONIFICATION HAVE TO LEAD THEIR NATION AS A PIECE OF CRAP FOR THE REST OF THEIR IMMORTAL LIFE?!



I think I’ve seen this at another blog before, but very interesting question anonymous. I’d like to think the Nations, if they were eaten by a cannibal, would just respawn back home or something like in Minecraft hahaha))

((I’m gonna finish drawing the Demon M!A hopefully this week if I can since it’s been going on forever.

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The only thing I’m not fine with is when people are rude to me and call me things I’m not.

So again, I’m completely open to your opinions as long as they’re not rude to me.))

Excuse you? How could you not have notice the french beauty over here my dear hell buddy?


My Hetalia OC who has no name but I shall call her ‘Lady Sparta’ until I find one. I feel like making an ask!blog for her but I know it won’t last long aha—-

((Lady Sparta drawings ‘cause it de-stresses me from job searching. If possible, I’d like to know what your first thoughts on her are, you guys, so send a message if you want?))